Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I emptied the washing machine. I put the clothes in the dryer. I went about other daily tasks. The dryer stopped. I started to unload, folding items while I was at it. In the middle of it, with a shock, I remembered I had to vote today. Better do that first, I thought, like a good civil citizen. Looked for my voters card. Sjee, must've put it in a “good” place. That's when I always am in trouble. Can't find things in “good places”, when you are a slob by nature. So I gathered Ids and off I went across the street. I showed my ID. The ladies behind the table seemed not amused. It took them ages to figure out that I really, really was Antoinetta Meyer who came to have her say in the processes of government. I joked about my misplaced voters card. Not one smile, not one word of recognition. Very seriously,almost
with a frown, they pointed me to the right table. Ha, a man. He was friendlier. He smiled. But still I had to sign a document to proof that I really was Antoinetta Meyer. He asked what language my name came from. “Dutch,” I replied, but correcting myself and saying that in fact it really is a French name. He didn't listen to the second part of my speech. “Dutch” was the key word. “Did you come in wooden shoes?” he chuckled. “No, I replied, “but I sure could have used them in this rain.” He nodded seriously in agreement.

Anyhow, I filled in, (or out?) my ballots, slid them into the ballots box and returned home. After puttering around for a while I remembered my only partly emptied dryer. It felt still warm inside. I reached in and... the towels moved. I pulled my hand back. What was going on? Towels don't move. Must be my imagination. I reached in again, and sure enough there was a motion like waves in there. Very carefully I kneeled down and peeked inside. Just dark clothes. I pushed down on them a bit, and,
“prrr,” two eyes opened up, and looked at me. Yona, all rolled up in the warm towels, blinking his cozy cat eyes at me. I stroked him affectionately and left the towels in, and the door of the dryer open.

For those of you who wonder who brought you her quote of the day, it was me, Wild Thing. Forgot to sign it. And sorry about the two titles. I don't know how to correct things still after publication. Larry explained it once to me, but I forgot.

Wild Thing.


Anonymous said...

Very funny story, Netty, both parts. My favorite is the part where Yona is in the warm towels. That is so CUTE... good thing you didn't re-start the dryer with him in there though!


Anonymous said...

Crossed my mind too. I even just could have closed the dryer, not remembering there were things left in it. Cats mus've guardian angels too.

Wild thing

Anonymous said...

Icy (Ice Man) has now chosen a new place to sleep in my garage - ignoring the bed I've made him, and in which he was comfortable for a long time. I couldn't figure out where he was... and then I spotted him. He has made a bed out of the cockpit of one of the kayaks... and is using my kayak skirt as a mattress. Sheesh... very funny, but I'm not sure if my kayak skirt will survive...

For those who don't know my extended family, Icy is a lost-and-found rescued cat who came and didn't go away.