Thursday, January 25, 2007

Welcome to the Googleverse

Time & technology march on, dear Bloggers & Blogettes. Welcome to the Blogosphere in the vast Googleverse. You have now been Googleized. You will find the atmosphere congenial, if somewhat rarefied. But the overarching goal of the God of Google is to make your bloginations simpler and funner. Funner? Why, yes!

I'd like to assist you in your quest to determine if the Google account and password business are working correctly. But I can't. Why? Cuz.

Cuz my Google account and password are working just fine, and since I'm listed as a co-contributor I don't need to log in. Cuz I already am. Googleated.

Congratulations on having the blog look just the same as it did (except where's the pitcher?) Somehow I couldn't do that with Mental Blog. Anyhow, after the initial strangeness and trying to figure some things out, I'm just as happy with the new format. And I'm sure y'all will inevitably surrender willingly to the soft, all-encompassing embrace of the Googleverse.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Information, Facts & Spinning

First, spin news stories that will put a cause in a good light; second, play down stories that will harm the cause; and third, neutralize rivals through whatever tactic that works, no matter how untrue.

Karl Rove, the man behind the president spins information for self-serving political survival of a radical right wing agenda. The talking Head for the White House is Tony Snow.

The most recent spinning aimed at moderate voices comes from Press Secretary Tony Snow. Absolutely despicable!

The most recent Snow job from Tony is that basically any discussion that questions the White House's plan in Iraq will aid terrorism.

In other words to discuss democratic ideas for solutions to the Iraq war is UNAMERICAN.

It’s like trying to advert your eyes to an upcoming car crash. There is a morbid fascination.

Monday, January 01, 2007


We’ve known January thaws. Today, January 1, 2007, that would be a false indication. There was nothing to thaw.

When I woke up, this morning, 6 am., I heard a chorus of birds chattering like you hear in early spring. It was not accompanied by any other sound. No traffic whatsoever.

Early New Year’s Day, most people are still sleeping, dealing with hangovers, or just plainly zonked after the crazy, busy times.

There are those who may not want to wake up for a long time yet. Not a pleasant prospect to, still feeling bloated , start thinking about overdrawn credit cards & recklessly made New Year’s resolutions. Ouch, what a headache!

Having welcomed in the New Year with candle light, a glass of pear nectar, and a wedge of apple pie, quietly, just Simon and me, I was wide awake at six. I enjoyed listening to the still. Got up, bathed, had breakfast and set out with Simon for a long walk. Just following the creek and unto other trails. So quiet everywhere.

At first we met no one. Lots of sparrows and other little birds were flitting about and talking up a storm. A cardinal broke out in song. A blue jay screeched, flew up and settled on a branch of a tree, looking around, as if aware of proud crest and sky blue beauty.

About an hour into the walk, we started to meet the odd other dog with their reluctant owners. Simon befriended a beautiful husky he got to run around with, oh joy! The husky’s person was a woman from Poland.

The husky was her first dog ever. She was happy with her dog. She was however worried about a bold spot on his elbow. She thought she would have to take him to the vet, dreading the bill. Luckily I know how active dogs, when they run a lot, hit their elbows with their hind toes, and so create a rough, bold spot. When I explained that to her, she was so relieved. We had a nice chat until our ways parted.

I half expected snowbells to come up. But without snow they wouldn’t be snowbells. I peeked in the flowerbeds and did see, the green beginnings of irises.

It’s January. It feels like spring. Are we going to be in for a white Easter?

Simon’s feet and belly were black with mud. Not very golden. I cleaned him up. He sleeps now. On my bed.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone,
Wild Thing