Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Good News

Well, I've hit on a book deal. Although the contract isn't finalized yet, I am going to be writing "Life in the Blue Helmet" (working title), a collection of stories about Canadian servicemen and servicewomen who have been on overseas missions since the Cold War, for Bookland Press.

I'm really excited about this project. I have a lot of connections from my army days (and I knew personally a soldier who was killed in Afghanistan last year), and I will be spending my spring
interviewing soldiers who have been on NATO or UN missions. (If anyone knows anyone I could talk to, tips would be welcome...)

Many thanks to Marianne to putting me in contact with Bookland. It wouldn't have happened without you. I'm lucky to know writers who win contests!
Took wild thing a while to figure out the new way of posting, but here she is.
She woke up this morning with the first lines of the following poem. She wrote them down and, half asleep still, knitted on the rest. No master piece, but it it conveys the sentiment. Maybe it wakes up dovetale bloggers.

winter blues

will winter melt
away now
will water again
run free

will flower fairies
will birds &frogs
sing songs

will trees shake off
their icicles
sap coursing through
their veins

will skates & skis
be stored away
will boats & bicycles
be seen

will nature fold away
white robes
and reappear in

Hey, wild thing used fancy lettering. Blog publishing is too prozaic for that.