Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Good News

Well, I've hit on a book deal. Although the contract isn't finalized yet, I am going to be writing "Life in the Blue Helmet" (working title), a collection of stories about Canadian servicemen and servicewomen who have been on overseas missions since the Cold War, for Bookland Press.

I'm really excited about this project. I have a lot of connections from my army days (and I knew personally a soldier who was killed in Afghanistan last year), and I will be spending my spring
interviewing soldiers who have been on NATO or UN missions. (If anyone knows anyone I could talk to, tips would be welcome...)

Many thanks to Marianne to putting me in contact with Bookland. It wouldn't have happened without you. I'm lucky to know writers who win contests!


Anonymous said...

congratulations, M@ !!!


Anonymous said...

That's great Matt -

Did you get the posters I sent off via email that Bookland did for my book? I'm impressed. I think you'll be happy with them as the publisher...

M@ said...

I did and I agree they were impressive! Two of their authors are going to be on Rogers TV tomorrow morning at 11 am -- I'm going to record it and see what they're like. I understand how important the promo is for something like this.

Late-breaking news -- they're going to shoot for a November 11 release for this book. Is that great or what? Gotta love an aggressive deadline like that!

Larry Keiler said...

Larry sez way to go M@!

M@ said...

W.T. and Larry -- thanks very much!!! Your support is much appreciated.