Monday, October 15, 2007


O do not know a quote today
Not today

Should I then write something
To entertain the blogger bunch,
Like what I had for lunch
To munch on? Not!

I write old fashioned style.
With capitals, and comma's,
And periods and all that stuff,
And rhymes, but without reason.

My fountains run, my candles burn.
I'm not burning them
On both sides, though.
I'm not that dumb.

But surely this poem is.
At only 4 o'clock , I'm out of energy,
And used up all my inspiration,
Imagine that.

Day is falling,
Leafs are falling,
Rain is falling,
And I am falling ... short.

No quote today.

Wild & Corny Thing


Anonymous said...

Funny. I just checked Larry's Mental Blog. Saw, his little window for "Quote of the Day". Sjee, there are tons. and I thought doing that was my brainstorm, as opposed to Song of the Day." Much I knew! Go figure.

I tried to type into that little window. worked, but don't know how to send it through. Works only when he is on line?

Wild Thing

Anonymous said...

You know the saying - I believe it comes from Ecclesiases? Oh well, if not, then let's just focus on the saying... "There is nothing new under the sun."

I find lovely comfort in that saying - maybe it is the fact that we are all under the same sun. Basking in it! As human beings, we share so much.

Anonymous said...

Naw, it's true that saying. It's difficult, if not impossible, to be original. Eventually you learn that it has been done before. Connections do not come from just seeing or hearing. There is a deeper link. Wireless messages do not come only through phones, radios, etc.

My favourite example is how impulses come, say for children. Suddenly in different neighbourhoods the urge to bring out the skipping ropes, starts at the same time. Without physical connections. And not only in neighbourhoods, but apparently, research showed, all over the world.

Not a very current example. Nowadays we do not see suddenly kids everywhere skipping, or play tops, or walk on stilts, or do ball juggling...

They are mostly hiding behind computers, sharing the same games there.

I could do with some sun basking today. Sun hiding. Yesterday was glorious. But my morningwalk was still wet and beautiful. I do not have words to describe the many shades of colours, the oranges, browns, yellows, goldens, greens, in rioteous combinations, so perfect, no human palet could do full justice to it.

Amazing is the many flowers that still come up along the trails. Some young, spring coloured, delicate...

Wild Thing