Thursday, October 11, 2007


My brand new find. From "The Pocket Muse" by Monica Wood, my birthday present from Leslie:

"You can't write without living fully, and you can't live fully and still find time to write."

She calls that the writer's paradox, and suggests different ways to get past that delemma.

Wild thing


Anonymous said...

Tell us the ways, Netty, I need to know!

Glad you like the book!

And Marianne, great that you posted the Word on the Street photos of your amazing Dove Tale table - great display, thanks for doing that!

Leslie (haven't blogged for so long, forgot my nickname, I think it was Lulu wasn't it?)

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was Lulu.

Monica Wood writes

"Writers get past this paradox in various ways-they write in bus terminals, they hire nannies and throw lots of parties, they become the town crank. I turned to teaching-not full time, and not year-round, but enough to engage me in the lives of people outside my own domestic spere. It also kept my social skills from eroding completely.)Teaching reminds me of what I know and love about writing...."

There is more, but you get the idea she's trying to get accross.

You are teaching Les, you must be on the right path. LOL.

Also, try to have more trust in your abilities. You are much better than you think.

Wild Thing