Thursday, October 25, 2007


It was time to take Simon for his bedtime walk. I put on a sweater and a jacket. It's rather cold outside. At night when I am tired, I feel it more. I step out, with Simon, start to walk, look around, No Simon behind me. I look back and he sits on the stoop with that stubborn look at his face which translates into: “I'm not going.”
“OK”, I mumble, we're not going then, fine, I didn't want to in the first place.”

The fresh air felt nice, though. It wasn't as cold as I had expected. The wind seemed down. I looked up, and WOW!!! The full moon, bold and bright was speeding by. Or so it seemed. Better no traffic cop look up, I thought, this moon is in for a speeding ticket!!! But how can this be?

Then I saw the clouds, long stringy clouds, that seemed not to move, that made the moon look like it moved, but really it was those clouds racing by, in a continuous motion. Never ending clouds. The moon stood still. Why are the clouds racing like that? (They still are, while I am writing this.) There is hardly any wind. What makes those clouds move? I have never ever seen the likes of it before. I phoned Nigel. And he was looking at it too, and was just as puzzled.

But it is a beautiful moon, and an interesting phenomena. I stood looking at it for a long time. Simon watched me watch it, and sighed a deep sigh when I finally came in. He was ready for bed. No howling at the moon for him!


Anonymous said...

And did you howl at the moon?

Re: the travelling moon - I guess the wind above the earth was harsh and fast! I'm sure there's a "secret" meteorologist in our midst who can explain... perhaps it is like turbulence...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I did.
All around wolves & coyote's were howling with me. Just Simon sitting silently and unmoved at the back stoop, while I, just steps away stood in an open space of a deep, and dark forest, caught up in communicating with ancient, pre-historic,wind spirits...

Once I saw clouds move behind the moon. I knew that wasn't possible, and yet I saw it.

Yesterday the clouds past before the moon, sometimes partly obscuring it, but mostly thin enough to let Moon shine through while rapidly hurrying accross the sky.

Even though I cannot remember the explanation enough to tell you why, but I did read why, certain athmospheric phenomena sometimes colour the moon green. I saw that too.

That happens only once in a blue moon, unlike an about to be published book: "Twice in a Blue Moon."

I wouldn't know where to begin to look for an explanation for the clouds, last night. It was a bit like Norther Lights, as fast moving, but not swirling, and without the colours.

So, if there IS a secret meteorologist among us, please stand up and speak, or rather maybe blog?

May be Moon was the lover, singing, like in the Arthur Garfunkel song, "This travelling 'moon' is only passing by, but one who'll always think of you."

Wild Thing