Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tid Bits

Man, I have been off line for weeks. Nothing changed in the blogger area. Dovetalers and Mental Blog supporters are not exactly suffering from blogger mania, are they?

Tell you about my cat Yona. I discovered him to be my protector watch cat. He sat on the kitchen window sill, looking out. Being not quite there, I heard this deep, and threatening growl. I looked up. It came from Yona. I look out, a stanger was coming up the driveway. Wow, my cat was alerting me to danger!. It was only a postman, but not our regular one. Yeah Yona!!!

Simon who was outside, knocked on the door to come in. I let him in. Thought he'd stay. But he ran into the living room, picked up his rawhide bone, and wished to be let out again, to lay on the snow and chew.

My friend told me about a family in her church. the grandmother had died. They told the children that she had gone to heaven. Later they visited the funeral home, and viewed the body in the coffin. The youngest child, piped up, "Mommy, are we in heaven?"


Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back online, WT. I guess by now you can see that things did change - BB added two new postings.

At least one of the cats in our household moves next weekend, as well as the BIG cat of the house. It will be interesting to see how kitty makes the change. Kali goes with Sam when she moves to her new house. Buddha may move, too, depending on things. All of this means I also get a new office!

I saw my first Robin a few days back - wow, it took them a long time to return.

Bobby Bacon, Sam and I enjoyed the Earth Day lights-off, chatting together around candlelight. Our neighbourhood went dark, except for one house down the street who had ALL the lights on! An Earth Day protest????

To get your name WILD THING to show don't click Anonymous, click the third choice: Name/URL. Just don't fill in a URL, or if you want, fill in the Dove Tale site - or you can fill in the URL for your Dove Tale page bio if you like, or one of your writing pieces. Then when someone clicks on WIld Thing, it'll go to the web page you've linked it to.

Anonymous said...

I was in Haysville. We had a whopping big campfire. Only one tiny light in the house. More for Simon who was tired and went to bed. He doesn't like campfires anyhow. The neighbours accross the street had their house dark, but all the Christmas lights on the front lawn on. More homes had lights, but sparingly. The stars were spectecular.

You'll miss Bhuddah.

What does URL mean anyhow. Didn't even know I had an URL. How I find it? But if I don't need it, fine. I'll try on URL only.

Bigger office?

Would there really be people who protest against Earthday? I guess, eh?

I've seen red wing black birds, the true messengers of spring. The males come first and put the nesting spot in order. That accomplished, the females come.

I saw a huge raptor flying high over Fisher Hallman, between Super Store and our town houses. A wide wingspan, and lined markings. Rick, the Britany & Kieran's uncle, when I described it, thought it must've been a Turkey vulture.

In the next complex, here on Elm Ridge there is a berry tree, among some evergreens. Hords of cedar waxwings go for the berries. They hide in the evergreens, when alarmed.

Is it me, or are there more birds than ever all around, this spring?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!!! You did it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Or should I say YEAH YOU DID IT!! with a link attached...

Anonymous said...

I got through on Google Blogger without pass word. But the URL stuff is still beyond me. What do I fill in on Name? What do I write after URL? I tried Wild thing and the http"// That didn't work.

You said, Xena, I got through with a link attached. How? Where? Where's my link?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I got through on Name/URL without URL. How did I make a link. Or did I?


Anonymous said...

well then, you're okay. whatever works....

You must have put in your DT URL because if you click onto Wild Thing (where it is underlined) in your comment you get to your bio page.

Since you're experimenting, try checking Name/Url when you make your next comment. Then in the Name put Wild Thing, and in the URL space, your address for your bio page or Dove Tale. The same thing should happen, a link to your bio page when someone clicks onto Wild Thing.

Anonymous said...

Wild Thing, you've got an extra apostrophe in the address - so if you copied it, that's why it doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

'nother experiment without apostrophy

Anonymous said...

OK. That was it. I click on X, I get your page. I click on wild thing I just get back the comment column with Wild Thing in blue and ...without the last published comment. If I had my own page that would be the link?

I am still experimenting. To have the link do I repeat the http all the time, or can it come automatically?

Ok I see that now the space sais (optional)

What does URL stand for, anyhow? Is it a short form for something?

Anonymous said...

Ha,ha, couldn't get rid of the (optional) Now I have to type in the address. Blimey! LOL

I do like your website a lot Xena.

Somehow all this conversation is not out of line with the title. "Tid Bits" of information.

Anonymous said...

Ah, got rid of the optional anyhow. Now I know both ways. Thanks Xena!

Anonymous said...

Hi WT-
if you go up from the bottom a few comments, and click on Wild Thing, you get to your bio page.How'd that happen if you didn't do it?

Anonymous said...

More tidbits - Bobby Bacon and I are at Deerhearst Resort - very swanky. Bobby Bacon is doing a presentation tomorrow at a conference and I tagged along. Isn't it amazing that I can still talk to you, Wild Thing, when we're so for away from each other!

Anonymous said...

Have a good time there. It is great we can long distance talk. Where is Deerhearst Resort? How's the outdoors around the swankyness?

So far when I click on wild thing, I keep on getting, 'this page can not be shown.' I'll keep on trying.

It rains dismally here. Shloshy. Worse then yesterday. And yesterday the dogs were dispirited in it. But I guess we have to go. Dogs' bathrooms are outdoors. And anyhow a bit of exercise is needed.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The weather was'n so bad. The rain had stopped coming down. Everything was still soaking wet. Puddles like lakes. But I had donned my wellies and it was fun splashing through all that water. The dogs did not agree. They were pokey and docile. Simon was not eager to go in the first place and recented every direction that didn't lead directly home. Rosco walked quietly behind me, ears drooping, being way too obedient. For a dog's who's name gets understandably often changed to Rascal, that is pretty tame.

There was a hard, stormy wind. But it was a rounded, caressing wind, rather than a sharp-edged one, cutting into you. And the many birds were celebrating spring.

Turned out that Simon felt sick. Ate something that didn't agree with him and it all came out. He's still quiet. poor Simey.

I still have no success getting my bio by clicking on the link Wild Thing. All I keep on getting is, "this page cannot be displayed."

Does it work fo you, Xena?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it works for me...

I click on Wild Thing and get to your bio page. Maybe do a refresh sometime?

We're back home. Just now.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home.

I tried refresh. No go.

Something occurred to me. When I click on Dovetale Writers, all I get is the blogger section. Never the page where you can choose from archives, bios, history, home, and so. Haven't seen that page for a long time.

I've tried from different places. Favourites, from our blogger pages, from Mental blog, always the same page.

Makes me think that maybe, an access to that is blocked somehow, or I don't know the right way to do it anymore. But if the web site page is the unavailable one, perhaps that's why I cannot get my bio clicking on Wild thing, but others can.