Sunday, March 16, 2008

Star Dust

Our body is a composition of atoms that were once cooked in the Big Bang and the furnace of our sun. We are literally star dust.

Our sun threw out materials of superheated gases that revolved around our star. Eventually these gases cooled to form a mass. After billions of years rain filled some crevice in a rock. The stagnant pool of chemical soup was then supercharged by lightening. From that rare combination of a spark of charged chemicals life began.

Just the right combination of chemicals held that charge allowing it to begin the first steps in writing the history of life in DNA code. A code that has evolved into three billion characters carrying with the message of a universal will to be.

bobby bacon


Anonymous said...

It's still a puzzle where the rain came from, right? Nowhere else, so far, than on Earth, has water been found. I know they suspect there has been on Mars. I know there are theories that we came from Mars. When life became unbearable there, space ships brought life to Earth. But they are theories. Very interesting ones.

Wild Thing

Sometimes I wonder if it really matters that we know. Life out there is what it is. I have an inkling that it what we bring to internal life is what matters.

Anonymous said...

Oops got Wild thing in the middle. It's all me though. Seems that only anonymous works for me again. Any advice?