Monday, December 25, 2006


My computer doesn’t like Burl. My computer hates Burl. My computer thinks Burl is a shady character. What does Burl do? Who knows? Is he (she/it) the leader of a organization of unsavory criminals? Is he a pimp coercing innocent, young women, make them practice the oldest trade? Is he a sex obsessed male, exploiting young children? Does he use the internet to lure them into a life of crime and horror? Does he use foul language? Who IS Burl?

Read the previous post to catch up on Wild Thing’s argument with her computer. She cannot communicate into Larry’s mental blog. Won’t let her publish her words. Won’t give her the page that accomplishes that feat. Just warns her about Burl. Asks her if she wants to know why. And if she agrees, won’t tell her anyway. So who’s Burl??????

puzzled wild thing


Anonymous said...

Oops, the culprit's name is actually Url. Where did my brain contract that B? Probably from the memory of that man that travelled part way in the train to New Brunswick with me, and who discovered me to be a writer and counted on getting in my journal and become famous one day. So who the hell is Url? I tried to go by the name of dovetalewriters. didn't work either.

Dove Tale Writers said...

Got through to Larry using the identity of Dove Tale writers, this time. It won't work signing in as wild thing.

So I guess Url is off the hook.
Maybe I am the bad guy.


Anonymous said...

You must think of Url as your kindly uncle. Uncle Url. Who sometimes drinks too much at Christmas dinner and becomes unmanageable, until he drops off to sleep in the Lazyboy with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and ashes dribbling onto his waistcoat, and the children hang baubles off his ears and draw red circles around his eyes with Mama's lipstick. When he wakes up all astonished and snorting and wondering where he is you say Merry Christmas Uncle Url and pass him a large plate of pudding which has been singing merrily in the kettle. He winks at you and says Come sit on my lap. This is the point where you run screaming from the room.

Anonymous said...

As for Burl...he sez Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Did you solve the "favourite" bookmark thing, WT - accessing the mental Blog without going through the DT site or administration?

Poor Url, I mean, wouldn't u rather be Earl than Url? Or Beryl rather than Burl? Or come to think of it, Pearl? Rather that purl? As in knit one, purl one?

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is too urly for me to be intelligent. I mean it is almost 5 PM. That's not early in the day, unless you count 24 hours. But one 12-12 is night, so I don't mean that. But I mean it is too early in my age. Afterall I am only 71 and figuring that I am going to be 150, I am not halfway yet. So I am young and have so much to learn yet. And one is that I don't know what to do with or how to add to Favourites. There are things in there. Like Sam's Irish Dancing jiggemejiggy, which Bob put there. And some stuff I attempted to put in and I forgot how I did it and it isn't in there right. Yes, I am a goofball. So How would I get to Larry's mental blog through favourits? You know, life is really complicated when you don't get it. At least I have overcome the drawback of never wanting to ask, not wanting to admit how stupide (I like that word better in French, takes the edge of it a bit.)I am.

Larry you scare me. I didn't know Url was my uncle.Maybe I do not dare to go to sleep tonight,afraid to have urly nightmares about uncle Url, who probably is a psycopath and will chase me all through the night through dark laneways, in and out buildings, to the top of the roller coaster, and me jumping down and, thank goodnes for waking up before I realy hit the ground, or I could be dead forever. Afterall I discovered that Url is the culprit. Burl seems to be innocent, since I made him up with a faulty image. 's Good I woke up. Wouldn't even have received the jolly Christmas from him Larry passed on.

't Was a pretty jolly Christmas. Partly spend here and partlier in Haysville. The Chrismas dinner, believe it or not, I had with Nigel and the kids, and the dog and the kittens and the fish, in Haysville was pizza again, the variant to last year that we then had donoughts with it, but this year pumpkin pie. But then we had , the day after, Christmas breakfast with English crumpets, muffins, eggnog and coffee, tea, and choclate milk. Lots of candle light. We do all meals with candle light. Some people say, (Hans was one of them) Christmas should be every day. I hope they mean the spirit of Christmas, I'd go insane if it'd be the commercial Christmas.

Christmas on the true day, the date,they insist on, Christ was born, when Nigel was in Florida, I spend with neighbour friends and had a swell time too. They gave me so much food to take home, I could feed my son and his family the next day ( they came on a spontanious visit) a warm lunch and had still enough left for the Christmas eve after Florida.

So, all in all, thanks uncle Url for wishing me a jolly Christmas, which came true, even though I didn't read the message until after. I did have a jolly good time and have been spoiled rotten.

Today we had lunch at Kelsy's.

Anonymous said...

Oh man!!! I even confuse myself. It was Burl I should thank! Unless he rather be Beryl.

Anonymous said...

Oh man!!! I even confuse myself. It was Burl I should thank! Unless he rather be Beryl.e Beryl.

Anonymous said...

OK I copy something I tried to publish to mental blog:

OK Wild thing figured out,
following Larry's instuctions,how to add to the favourites. It was so simple. Wild thing seldom expects simple. Wild thing expects complex.

She just dovetaled that she still don't get it. Then went back to Larry's instructions and read slow. Sometimes wild thing too impatient, or is it scared to be defeated?

Well, here she comes. Will it work?
Wild thing throw herself over the edge and...

It didn't work! Not even with the dovetale identity anymore. Read message I am getting:

Downloading non-secure content from a secure Web site

The Web site you are viewing is a secure site. It uses a security protocol such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or PCT (Private Communications Technology) to secure the information you send and receive.
When sites use a security protocol, information that you provide, such as your name or credit-card number, is encrypted so that other people can’t read it. However, this Web page also contains items that do not use this secure protocol.
Given what you know about this Web site and your computer, you must decide whether to continue working with this site.

If you do not feel confident about working with this site, click No.

That's the message added to the warning from Url about insecure materials.
And even if I say yes that I want to do it, it won't let me.

So, Larry can you make head or tale of it with this warning? Or anybody? Or are we all stumped?

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, head or tale, dove tale?

Anonymous said...

Larry sez this is a mystery to him. The blog settings tell him that anyone can make comments. You don't need to be logged on, or listed as "friend" or anything like that. Anyone else having this problem?

Anonymous said...

Larry has now joined the Blogger Help Group and asked about this, but there's no guarantee that any useful answer will be forthcoming.

Anonymous said...

Could it be something programmed in my computer? But I am not the only one with an old computer. I always thought it is a Windows 2000. that's what shows on the screen when I turn it on. But on the tower it says that it is designed for windows'98.

Anonymous said...

History of another attempt

I went back to an old post. See if that eliminates that stupid problem.

I had French -some- in public school. Parisian French. Did me no good to make sense of Acadian.

Maybe I do know more French than I realize on the surface. It was weird that that poem rolled out as it did, when I was in a dreamy mood, just coming back from that walk and hearing French spoken on the radio, which I didn't understand.

Christmas eve I was visiting some friends and this 10 year old girl, who is in French immersion, let me see a letter she recieved from Santa Claus, in French. She could not read it. I read it through several times and slowly made sense of it. Paragraph by paragraph I could tell her what it mainly was about.

Now, will this publish?

It did not.

Here is what I get:

Choose an identity

PASSWORD mental blog

No Google Account? Sign up here. You can also use your Blogger account.

Publish Your Comment
Url contains illegal characters
all of these fields are optional

These last lines did NOT copy, I had to type them in.

Anonymous said...

OK, Larry went on another computer. The comment box comes up and says underneath: Choose an identity.

Click on "Other"

Fill in the box that says "Name"

Don't fill in anything else. Larry did this and it worked fine. You have to click on either "Other" or "Anonymous". Unless you're already logged in to Dove Tale writers, you are not recognized as a Google/Blogger user.

With "Other" you can fill in yer name. With "Anonymous" you can't.

When you click on "Other" you should not see a box that says "Username". It should just say "Name".

If you go to Mental Blog and click on comments for the top post, you'll see that Larry assumed w.t.'s identity for a comment. He used "Other" to do that.

Anonymous said...

Did you see that I put a star by 'other'? Did that to show I used that. I always do. Then in the box that comes up I write W.T. as I always do. Weather it is dovetale or Mental Blog.

Did you not get the warning sign:

"Url contains illegal characters"?

That comes right after I click publish. With a triangle warning sign.

I will go to My favourites to get Mental blog directly again, and try.

Anonymous said...


Result: I get a box: "This page contains both secure and nonsecure items. You want nonsecure items displayed?" I can say yes or no. Tried both and that leads eventually to Url again.

Anonymous said...

Wild Thing tired of trying. Wild thing does everything right. Computer not. Wild thing should have gone to sleep yesterday. Giving up is not her best feature.
Her trickster is laughing at her.

Anonymous said...

Well, Larry sez he is mystified. He sees that your test as "Anonymous" worked. But as for the Other, he did not receive the same messages, on his own or other computer. This may require some on-site investigation.

Cuz, really, we can't have w.t. unable to access Mental Blog. Larry appreciates the input too much and doesn't want to lose it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was surprized that that one got through. Many times it didn't work. I was really, really getting confused going back and forth between dovetale writers and mental blog.Maybe I should try once more with anonymous.Who knows? Life is full of surprizes.


Anonymous said...

Not a specialty of a country like the States. It's letting power and capital run the world and decide, no matter where.

wild thing is now going to try if Url went on vacation or died? and see if she can publish under other again?

Nope. No way. Url is still blocking her way.

Anonymous said...

OK, puzzled w.t., Larry got a couple of answers about your downloading non-secure message.

Whenever I view comments on Blogger, I get something that says "This
page contains both secure and nonsecure items. Do you want to display the non-secure items? [Yes] [No]"

I just click "yes."

I think that the nonsecure items are the profile pictures and
word-verification dealies. If I were your friend, I would just click
"Yes". Maybe the warning is just saying "This is just like any other
webpage, except some of the stuff here will be encrypted, but not all
of it?"

^ This is just what I think it means, but I'm not any official person
or someone who knows a lot about tech stuff.

Larry doesn't know if this helps. Just click on Yes?

He also got another reply that directed him to a Windows web page. This page, after you sort thru all the gobbledygook, says, Larry thinks, pretty much the same thing. Just click on Yes.

Anonymous said...

Wild thing has been clicking on yes. Didn't make any difference. Not on yes, not on no. So far, only anonimous works. And if she, in the same frame, switches from anonimous to 'other' and w.t., she gets same message, not getting through. But when she starts over, click away frame and get new one, she can use anonimous again.

Anonymous said...

Still a mystery. Larry thinks, possibly, it has something to do with your security settings on your Internet browser.

Doesn't that make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

Anonymous said...

It did come to my mind that it may have to do with some kind of setting in the computer. Didn't quite know how to say that. But it rings true when you know it is only me having the problem. Ahhh, my computer protects me, like an over protective mommy. Can't let go and let her child experience her own dangers. How fuzzy makes that feel one, eh Larry?