Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Winter Solstice, Happy Xmas!

To those who have read our past blogs, you won’t be upset with me for using X. Perhaps the Greek alphabet won’t translate here but I will try. Χριστός is Greek for Christ (Christos) – hence the X. So, dear bloggers, I blaspheme not -

It is official now. The days are lengthening. Even though it is dark out there for so many hours of the day, I can feel the change in my body – the slight increase in the increments of light. Hallelujah. There is hope. For pagans and Christians. The season is wonderful that way. The story of the Nativity encapsulates hope in the form of an infant. The celebration of the return of the sun does the same. Light your candles in the dark.

The Dove Tale Writers came together Thursday night to rejoice in words and friendship. It was a night of unexpected firsts. M@ read aloud to us a sampling of his poems. Love sonnets at that – beautifully reflecting the vulnerability that is love. This from the guy who usually brings us mobster prose! And Wild Thing – well, Wild Thing was indeed wild. For the first time in the eight-year history of the DT gatherings, WT joined the wine-drinkers around the coffee table and drank a glass. The only other time she has been known to “chug it back” in our presence was a teensy-weensy sip of champagne to celebrate the publication of Veronica Ross’s book, “To Experience Wonder. Edna Staebler. A Life.” Well, Thursday night, those who know and love Wild Thing experienced wonder, too!

Speaking of Veronica, and the end of the night, she couldn’t find her coat. All that was left in its place was Wild Thing’s black leather jacket. A telephone call later – and we found out that unbeknownst to WT at the time, she had gleefully gone home wearing the wrong coat… How many glasses of wine, WT?

We missed you, Larry and Bobby Bacon, but we figured they wouldn't grant you a day pass to leave your cell, Larry, at the Yoni School for Wayward Poets. And BB, may you feel better soon.

Happy Solstice, Merry Xmas, dear writing friends. May you all write much, publish much, love much in 2007.

~ Xena


Anonymous said...

Not a drop of alcohol today. When my friend Ginny, when I stopped by to drop of presents, said, "Tomorrow is Cristmas Eve", I got a shock. I thought it was in the middle of next week. Ginny laughed. She knows me, knows how spaced out I am about time.

So I thought I better now deliver a present to my friend Rose. She and her husband invited me in. We had a little visit, and presents exchange. I told her about my time confusion. She wasn't surprised, she laughed out loud. She knows me too. But Wilf, her husband said, "But the date is on the newspaper you read" With a wide smile Rose announced, "Netty doesn't get the newspaper." "Oh," said Wilf bewildered. He always praises me for my political knowhow, (ME!) he finds that he can talk to me about politics. He must wonder now how I do that. without the help of the newspaper. I must be good at faking it.

When I was still a public school kid, the grocer of the corner store told my mom how good I must be at math. When I paid for the purchase, I looked closely at how much I got back. Made him pay extra attention, not wanting to make a mistake. The truth is that I had no clue. Wouldn't have known if I did get the wrong change.

OK, it's the end of the year. Memory trip time, right?

Well, Veronica got her coat back,last night Marianne delivered all the things I forgot and had left at her place to my doorstep, today.

I did slug down three glasses of wine. My feet could walk a straight line, but may be my brain not.

Anonymous said...

WT, do you think Ginny would like to read my novel and come up with a short (complimentary -lol) back cover quote? I wrote her an email through VOX, but I'm not sure that is active anymore...

Anyway, I could drop off the manuscript. If you're talking to her, and think about it, mention it. If she doesn't want to, well then, we can just pretend like I never mentioned it. LOLOLOLOL.

Wild Thing, we all love you. Just the way you are! Merry, merry, merry and all good things of the season to you!

Anonymous said...

W.T. talked to Ginny. Ginny would love to read X's book and do a back cover blurb.

Off topic, W.T. is still blocked from publishing into Larry's blog.
Same message keeps on coming up:

"Burl contains illegal characters."

Does it have to do with Google?

Who can solve this mystery. Only I seem to have the problem.

Anonymous said...

I'll drop off the manuscript in your maibox tomorrow, WT, for you to pass along to Ginny. Merci.

You have me stumped about Larry's website... I do get a new box but I just say "yes" and go ahead...

Is how you post the comment basically the same as you did? You don't have to go into google to post...

Anonymous said...

So I looked again at the box. No difference. I click on comments, get to read the comments, w2rite one, it w2on't publish. there comes a bocx that states, "This page contains secure and insecure materials. Do you want to read the insecure material. I click yes. Just get the same page back w2here I commented, only now2 tgere is added again that stuff about Burl containing illegal characters.

Ah what is life without mysteries. Maybe we need Merlin or Gandalf to help solve this. Merlin in his cave, dreaming. He can wake up for a while. But how can he keep on dreaming if he was born old and kept on getting younger? Confusing concept that, for mere non-magigian-earthlings. And Gandalf? Where did he end up? I can't recall any mention of that in the stories.

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys, forgot to edit for typos. My W comes as w2, my 2 comes at 2w.

Anonymous said...

Larry sez: w.t. you must be a hamfisted typist!

Anonymous said...

Larry also sez: What kind of box are you getting for comments? When Larry comments on his own blog he now gets a box just like the Dove Tale one is and has always been. (However, if he clicks on "Links to this post" he gets the single page with the posting and comments underneath in the blog's page format. Then if he wants to comment, he has to click on "Post a Comment".