Thursday, January 17, 2008

You know what BUGS me?

I don't get it. Is there some kind of universal message to that? Am I not supposed to communicate with Larry Keiler? There is no problem with his friend Gary. I can e-mail- talk to him as much as I want. It is the blog talking with Larry that is boycotted.

First I could get his mental blog page, no problem. Then came a time that I could not comment on his blogs. My comments just would not publish. Then after much brainstorming, I discovered that I could talk to him anonymously. So I sneaked through. Then Larry brought my attention to another sneaky device, “nickname”, Ha! Now I could finally publish my comments again as Wild Thing. Brilliant.

For a while that worked. Then, suddenly, every time I turn up that page, the whole program freezes. Cannot scroll down or up. Cannot click that page away. Nothing. Everything just stuck. Only thing left to do is to log off. Then log in again, and I can go to other programs. No problems with the dovetale blog or anything else.

I commented on one post, the third last, I think. I think that came through. Then the problem started. Every so now and then, when I try again, I can scroll down to comments, but when I click it, and the next page comes up, It won't budge. It freezes non-reversibly again. Sigh!!!

No trouble shooting has helped so far. M@ is puzzled, Larry is puzzled, Wild thing is puzzled.

Can there be a bug in just one program? Has a trickster placed him/herself placed between Larry and Wild Thing, laughing wickedly at my frustration?

Wild Thing


Anonymous said...

Darn! Last night I found a way to get to Mental blog, via Larry's bio. It worked. No below zero effect. A kind of global warming. But what do you know, Trickster caught up. Cold bloodedly he cut off the way again. Quickly I shifted to M@'s site to try the route from there. Not fast enough. Brrrrrrr!!!

What I wanted to ask Larry is whether "What a Day for a Daydream" is older than the Loving spoonful? Seems to me I knew that song forever.

Anonymous said...

Weird. I wonder if it it a dial-up thing. It just takes too long for the dial-up process to download the site?

Anonymous said...

I don't think so. I'm no expert. But the downloading e.g. from the main page to coments, doesn't seem to take long. And why would there be a difference between downloading mental blog and dovetale? Well, I will keep on trying different ways. Mabe I can find a common denominator, eventually.

Anonymous said...

"Cause Dove Tale has less "fancy" things like videos, etc. - well, it has none....

Anonymous said...

Yeah that's right. Maybe it is the videos. M@'s site doesn't give problems either. It is a simple set up too. Well, if it is the dial up so be it. Don't need the extra monthly expense for high speed, right now.