Monday, December 03, 2007


This morning, awake, getting dressed, I tried to think of something. I hit a blank. So I mumbled wistfully the first stanza of the following poem. I actually wrote the the words down, looked at them and continued,

Here's the result,


there are blanks in my brain
i don't care to be there
there are blanks in my brain
that ought not occur

they spread too
those blanks in my brain
make me forget
what i ought to remember

frustrating like hell
those blanks in my brain
but what can a mortal do
time being the dictator

we're all mortals
in this universe
our vital signs will fade fade
fade slowly away

if we're blessed to live to
a ripe old age that is
now isn't that a
bitter sweet memory

Wild Thing thinking


Anonymous said...

I too forget things, Wild Thing, particularly something in the short term - where did I put my coffee????

I have always had a different kind of memory than Bob and Sam. I lack the ability to recall details of a movies, say, that we watched last year, or longer ago. It's just me. Just like I don't have a good geographical sense. Maybe the two are connected, and explain this lacking in me. But I have other "talents." I can make all kinds of connections in the brain - hey, that's why my writing is layered, rather than straight forward.

So, when I forget things as I get older, I have to 1) take my vitamins - lol, 2) have some chocolate to keep my blood levels up - or really just because I like chocolate - I can convince myself itself it's good for me if it is DARK chocolate 3) and remember I've always had a "lacking" memory - even in youth... sometimes we notice these things more as we get older because we think its primarily age-related.

Oh, I forgot to tell you my cat, Icy, has been in the "animal hospital" since Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I missed this comment. It's almost a week later. Usually I check quickly, e-mail, dove tale, mental blog. Sorta run through it quickly, not expecting anything. Now I looked and thought:"wait-a-minute, there is one comment I didn't check!!!

I'm a bit worried, sometimes. I agree about the memory thing. It is getting worse, though. Rather different than what it used to be before. Hard to explain. I think I may be more problematic and impatient about it because I deal with a lot of dizziness too. Dizziness is not an uncommon problem. There are reaons I am familiar with and don't worry me. I wonder if it is a worsening of arthritis. Arthritis is not only in my hands & fingers. I think it is throughout my body. More and more I feel a stiffness in my lower body, from the hips down. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It feels sometimes like I walk on sponges rather than feet. Bending over and lifting my legs doesn't come easy. Ordinairy walking I often seem to drag my feet. I blame my boots and heavy clothing, but realize that's not the whole problem. My head and lower movements seem to be connected. When my head is dizzy, my legs are too.

I try to be patient. I know that year end always brings me physical problems. Not outright flue, but symptons just the same.

Swimming helps. This week I only made it once to go. Wednesday I gave in to being too tired. I had reaon to be tired, but I lacked the umph to kick myself, and get over it.

not feeling so WILD lately THING.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with Icy, Xena? Is he back home now?

Anonymous said...

Icy is still in the animal hospital. He's now been there ten days... he's used up probably three of his nine lives. Sheesh, maybe four. He had a full urinary blockage and was a few hours from death because of the toxins. I decided to give him a chance at life and the vet did surgery. He came through that fine, but it has been slow going in terms of his bladder being able to work on its own. The vet staff have fallen in love with him... He's not in pain, so through family discussions along the way we've decided to continue treatment to give his body time to heal.

He got a day pass Mon-Wed to come home for a few hours in the afternoon to help his spirits perk, but Thursday he took a big nosedive, and it was close, but Sam and I decided to do one last concerted effort. They put him on intravenous to clear up his kidneys. Yesterday his blood tests were back to normal and the vet himself was surprised. Icy was eating on his own for the first time in days and was back to being a cat. The trick will be whether he can sustain that when they take him off intravenous. They tell me it takes usually 7-10 days for things to heal, so this weekend will likely tell.

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! Poor Icy. And lucky Icy to have people that care and can come up with the payments.

Lois' cat Alfie, A Siamese, is a constant concern also. He got hit by a car. Jawbone and other bones broken. He healed well, but seems to have asthma and is on medication with many return trips to the vet.

makes you think of all the pets that have no chance for lack of money, and the heart break coming with it.

I will root for Icy to get to live his remaining lives, having fun and good homes.

wild thing