Tuesday, November 06, 2007

PET PEEVE, or Letter to myself.

On the first of November I intended to bring as one of my pet peeves: "November". It came in bleak, damp, grey, and cold. November is the month that, if I had a choice, would gleefully take out of the year. But somehow, on the first of November, I didn't make it behind the computer, and my intention fell by the wayside, another stone to help pave the way to hell. Then the weather rather improved, and I felt no grumbling inside me, untill today. I just came back from picking up some groceries from accross the street. Big, wet, plops of snow fell on me, the wind blowing nastily, my feet getting soaked in my suede walking shoes. (No, not blue. My name is not Elvis. Brown they are.) So, yes, it still goes, November is assuredly one of my pet peeves.

Guess what? I am going to attempt to bake a pumpkin pie, Never baked a pie before. But I didn't want to throw out that Halloween beauty. I didn't carve it. I found a recipy on the net for making the filling. I have a recipy for the easiest pie crust known. So, I am going to be brave, and try make the indoors more pleasant than the outdoors. Even Simon and Yona are not interested in being outside. They don't scare easily. Just rain or snow, never keeps them in.

I suspect, given the odds, that blogging has gone out of style. So, I am writing this to myself. It's sorta becoming a habit.

wild thing


Larry Keiler said...

In university days, we baked a pumpkin pie. Pumpkin is my favourite. With whipped cream. Yumbo!

This university pie was rather a failure. Too much of one spice. I think we read the recipe wrong or something. Mace. I think that was the spice. A little mace gives it zip. Too much makes yer eyes water.

Anonymous said...

Ah Larry, food gets you going. The filling of pumpkin pie gets mace or nutmeg, (I use nutmeg) cinnamon, ginger,and cloves (a little).

The pumpkin pie tasted delicious. We ate it hot with lots of whipped cream. Mmmmm!

That easy to make crust recipy is right up my ally. I do not like complicated. You do not need a mixing bowl for it. Just put ingredients in baking tin, stir it, press dough out with your fingers into shape, and voila! I'll pass it on to anyone who wants it.

wild thing

Anonymous said...

Pumpkin is MY favourite too - maybe we should have a pumpkin pie fest sometime...