Saturday, March 17, 2007

Rapid Reply to WT's Untitled Pome

this yearly trek

thru arctic freeze
is no adventure
no historic quest
north pole is not
my ultimate goal
no byrd no peary
no franklin northwest passage

dull day grey
is tiresome
the cycle makes me
weep for change
sun is relief
all too brief
in february march
of ontario southwest passage

(Meanwhile, Larry sez, hey, what up wid dis blog? He & WT, WT & He, rappin to deyself! Ain't no otha pieces of DoveTale to avail?)


Dove Tale Writers said...

yeah, it's such a delight to watch.....lolololoolol!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

wandering or
should i say tripping
the sharp edges of
winter arctic
wind taking little
bites out of
my face

slip sliding along
neck breaking
so a dog can

sun is out looking
want to run
want to race to
laurel creek

no not north pole
no not south pole
not my dream
although i do like

then surprise
coming home
tripping still
looking down
what do i see

a hint of spring
peeking around a clump of
snow, unmistakably
a show of
brave little snowdrops

Anonymous said...

ah you see
that was me
hee hee hee

Anonymous said...

... the bit about the wind taking little bites out of your face. well said. all of it, actually.

yes, winter returns...