Thursday, November 02, 2006

Needed: A Last Excuse

Blogging? Why not? Word doesn’t approve of the word blogging. Treats it with red wiggely lines. Wordless disapproval.

The sunflower in the yard, bent over, seedless head, just received a covering of snow. Snow on the sun. Sounds like a contradiction.

Like my life. My life is rather contradictory lately. Why?

Well, my friend moved out, with most of his stuff, but not all of his stuff. His place, in the country is filling up and speaks new and exciting. My place on the other hand is emptying, but not quite, and in a sort of desolate state. Life changing. Missing the count- on presence of the other.

Nothing bad. Friendship unharmed. Just transformation. Spending time here and there. Having to bring some sort of harmony back into my place. The trick is to create a new atmosphere. Not quite as it was when I lived alone before. I am not that person anymore. Not so that I oust the other. Still need a place accommodating him and young children frequently. It’s a different story. Needs a different setting.

The dilemma required more thinking than doing for a while. Crying made thinking difficult. Emotions attack logical brains. Cripple them severely.

Yesterday some more common sense crept in. Ha, my living room looks great now. Accommodates all needs. Magic.

New problem. The rest of the house is still in shambles. So I find every excuse in the book to be in my living room and relax. Phone someone. Read a bit. Have a hot chocolate. A treat. Linger over it as long as possible. Walk the dog.

I did all that. It is noon by now. Running out of excuses to be brave and deal with other rooms. More change. Not only the move out. Also the season change. Warm to cold. Rain. Wind. Snow, a little. Frost, a little. Not in any specific order. Why would I not feel unsettled unless I am in my living room?

Well, there you go. I wrote a blog and will post it. My last excuse. Wish me luck. Maybe by tonight I did a good amount of unchaosing. Are you surprised that Word doesn’t like that word either? Word has no understanding of poets. Not set up for poetic licenses.

Wild Thing


Anonymous said...

Blog away..smiles

One thing I am an expert on is procrastination. So my expert opinion is STAY IN THE LIVING ROOM...

Keep on Blogging....

Anonymous said...

Hey Wild Thing, just got caught up with my blogging tonight. Life has been full and hectic here, but in a good way. The blog is just one more way to write, and other writing has been taking precedent. Including an upcoming deadline - three more days to get it done. And more fun things, such as getting writing done in a way it can be posted on my upcoming website. The website is almost done, and your art illustrating "The Queen of Scream" is set up as a slide show. I probably won't launch the site until a week or so, so you'll have to wait until then to see your work!

I'm glad to see you're writing about your experiences. And sharing them. That's not easy, but it helps to put things in some kind of container. Writing and this blog is simply a container.

So, it's several days since you originally posted to this blog. Did you get the rest of your house set up in a way that is comfortable to you? And conducive to the things you want to do?

Anonymous said...

More or less. But it is not overwhelming me anymore. That's progress. I feel that it is all falling in place eventually. It won't take 100 years. I just mean, too long. Smile. In 100 years I'd be 171. Mmmm, that's 21 more years than my aim.

The funny thing with housework is, Bobby, it doesn't keep. Slowly my livingroom is messing up again before the rest of the house is in shape. Sigh!!!

I had a great relaxing weekend. I'm two strong now. That counts.