Sunday, September 17, 2006

Agent 488 – Carl Jung

Carl Jung was an agent for US intelligence outfit called the OSS (Office of Strategic Services). He formally became an agent in 1943 but his war efforts had begun earlier. His first contact with the OSS was through his patient Mary Bancroft. Mary worked for Allan Dulles who was the OSS chief in Switzerland. Dulles later became the first Director of the CIA.

Dulles sent communiqués to Washington based on Jung’s assessment of Nazi leadership. In return Jung became privy to top-secret Allied intelligence.

Currently I am attempting to write a screenplay surrounding those events. My previous screenplay was based on Sandcastle Memories, which has an association with Jung, as he was interested in sand play. If anyone has information or links that I should research please send them my way.

Shakin’ (Bob)


Larry Keiler said...

Larry did not know this about Jung.

Larry suggests you search your own internal archetyves for the file labelled Universal Screenwriter.

Then activate the Dream Memory chip and download Unconscious Collectives 1 & 2, animate your animus, click your heels 3 times, shout Sieg Heil, salute the flag, check your Luger at the door, place fingers on the appropriate keypad and make it up as you go.

Anonymous said...

Okay...I tried up to the part of animate my animus but instead of shouting Sieg Heil..I chanted OH MAWNAY PAW UMMMMM...

Which is nicer then shouting. Don't ya think?

Fingers on my keyboard and write eh? Cool!

Anonymous said...

Laurens van der Post met Jung shortly after the war. Jung was in his seventies. They became good friends. Laurens van der Post wrote "Jung and the Story of Our time.(A Penquin book) I've read it and have it. v.d. Post is one of my favourite authors. I know war time matters come up in it. I don't remember how much. I guess, reading it, my focus was more on dream psychology. I decided that I have to read it again, paying more attention to other aspects, as well as refreshing my memory.

If you want to check it out. You are welcome to borrow the book.

Anonymous said...

Just occurred to me that shouting Sieg Heil May not invite Jung into Shaking's writing psyche, Jung hated the Germans. Clicking your heels three times after that he may get the impression that you think, "There is no place like Home", home being Germany. Oh, oh!!! Jung's spirit would come and sabotage you at the keyboard.

Larry Keiler said...

Larry wonders, did Jung hate the Germans? Or more specifically the Nazis? Wasn't Jung German? Or was he Austrian?

And if he was German, what are the psychological implications of hating your own nationality?

Larry agrees that Sieg Heil is unfortunate. A failure of imagination at the crucial moment. (He would fix this in the editing stage...)

As for No Place Like Home, Larry wonders what Jung made (if anything) of The Wizard of Oz.

Larry Keiler said...

See, there ya go. Googling Jung makes him Swiss. Surprise. Larry did not know this. Neither German nor Austrian. Lucky for him.

What does Orson Welles (Harry Lime) say in The Third Man? Something like..."After five hundred years of peace and democracy, what did the Swiss come up with? The cuckoo clock!"

Larry Keiler said...

Larry is truly obsessive. Here's the dialogue from the movie...

- in Italy, for thirty years under the Borgias, they had warfare, terror, murder, bloodshed, but they produced Michaelangelo - Leonardo Da Vinci, and the Renaissance...In Switzerland, they had brotherly love. They had five hundred years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce?...The cuckoo clock. So long, Holly.

Anonymous said...

I think I read somewhere about Jung that he really did not like the Germans as a whole. Probably attitude and... ah I wanted to add platitude. Sounds so nice. What I mean is that he didn't like how many Germans pretended that they did not know about the terrible things happening. Platitude is not the word and the one I want won't pop in.

How come attitude has two ts and platitude only one? I checked it out and that IS how you spell them. English!!!!

And yes, I knew he was Swiss. Jung I mean. I think Freud was German. I think the word Zeitgeist was used. His theories were the spirit of that time. Freud's.

Probably plenty of dream psychology for Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz. Sjee I have chapters on Jung and Alchemy, Jung and Individuation, Jung and the myth of meaning, Jung and the subconcious..., Haven't come across Jung and Dorothy, or Jung and the Wizard of Oz. Yes, what would he have thought...

Larry, you are crazy, you know that, eh??

Anonymous said...

Jung liked Germans and thought the NAZI's were on a path of self destruction. Jung's grandfather was kicked out of Germany thus the family became Switz. It was possible to like Germans and hate the path they were on.

He walked a fine line during the thirties and the war. He was protecting his family. The few words he spoke in public were twisted. German, British, Switz and Americans were not above assasination during this period of time. I find it amazing that he managed to live through it. He managed to walk the tight rope without a safety net.

Anonymous said...

Some say forgiving is Divine--but now-a-days it's almost essential unless we want to live in fear and anger. There are some absolutely free programs (subliminal and hypnosis) available from Eldon Taylor's site at They helped me.

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL! So who needs forgiving here? Okay, okay, we all need forgiving, but I mean, was it something someone SAID???? Hey, we could start off in a whole new direction. What would Jung say about forgiveness? Freud? Larry? Wild Thing? Lulu? Shakin? And Xena????

Larry Keiler said...

Larry sez forgiveliness is next to bawdliness.

Anonymous said...

I think Jung had trouble forgiving his idol and friend Freud for being a stick in the mud about his "leading everything to sex complex" theories, and not wanting to accept Jung's insights into the sub consious. Too new fangled. They fought over it and broke up the friendship.

"Forgive" I think may mean that we need to forgive Hitlers, terrorists, and so, in order to live on.

If not, oh no, what did I do I need to be forgiven for? I got a letter from the city of Kitchener that I need to cut my lawn and get rid of weeds. 'sThat it? Hey that is another story Wild thing may tell another time.

Forgiving. Turn the other cheek. Love thy neighbour as you love your self. Love your enenmy.

In dream psychology the one you dream about is another aspect of your own personality. So, if you don't forgive the other guy you don't forgive yourself. And yourself needs forgiving. Or yourself will be a mess for life.

And it hasn't been proven that our dreams are not the real reality. What we think is real, may be the dream.

In either "A Wrinkle in Time," or "A Wind at the Door", (can't think of which one) by Madeleine L'Engle, the girl that has to overcome the evil cannot do so until she learns to love her enemy. Only then can she save her father.

"Forgive and Forget." "Lest we Forget." Opposing views.

Dr. Phil and Oprah teach that forgiving doesn't mean forgetting or condoning evil actions. Forgiving you do for yourself for your own spirit to be able to go on and be free of anger.

So Agent 488's family origin was German, even though he was born in the land of the cuckoo clock. I wonder if he had a cuckoo clock in his office that drove his patients cuckoo.

I go on so. Please forgive me?

Anonymous said...

Jung and Freud were just men in a time when thinking about the mind was taking a new direction.

As men sometimes they did and said stupid things. If you pick a selected event in anyone's life and make a decision about that whole person that's unfortunate.

They made a living about thinking about the mind. Some things they may have gotten right and some they got may have gotten wrong

I am interested in their journey because they were pioneers.

Sometimes they took their work too seriously and friendship not seriously enough. Whose to blame?

Freud Camp says Jung.

Jung Camp says Freud.

All of it seems pretty childish to me. It got quite mean and petty.

Anonymous said...

Okay, some synchronicity based on a posting made not that long ago... and considering Jung termed the word/comcept of sychronicity...

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