Friday, April 21, 2006

Wanted: Spring Gardeners.

Did we die with winter? Are we still deep into the earth's soil, dreaming green? It is spring, you bloggers! Time to pop up again. With new energy, new ideas. Cultivate seeds into tiny green sprouts in your green house selves. We need stories. Stories born anew. New tales. Growing tales. Sun and rain tales. Colourful tales. Funny ones. Ridiculous ones. Tales with tails. Heads too. Or just middles. 'slong's it keeps us communicating. My garden is full of sunny daffodils. I added black earth to display them in all their glory. Planted flowers and beans and corn seeds. Pots and earth plots are being readied to be filled with seeds , and young plants. Minds are being readied for young stories. Where are the gardeners?

Wild Thing


Larry Keiler said...

Larry's garden is full of daffy sunflowers. The Yoni School for Wayward Poets encourages gardening. Occupational therapy, they call it. But only politically correct plants are permitted. If you grow weeds, you lose your smoking privileges until the buds are harvested.

Anonymous said...

Oh oh!!! Larry, does that include campfire smoke? 'cause I grow a lot of weed(s) and smokes are in the air. Should I put up a smoke screen?

Anonymous said...

If a gardener is gardening all alone in the story garden and no one is there to read the sound of his words, does that mean the stories don't exist?

Larry Keiler said...

Larry sez he used to argue vehemently about that scientific rule that said the tree falling in the forest makes no sound unless there is some agent to register it. (He supposes that almost inevitably there would be some agent, even if only a mosquito...)Still, he used to say there was a sound whether anybody heard it or not.

Now he's succumbed to the logic of duality and interdependence, what Thich Nhat Hanh calls Interbeing. No one to perceive, therefore no sound. No one to receive the story, therefore no story.

On the other hand, it also means that every story has an end. Wherever you end it, that's the end. If you remove the last paragraph, that's still the end. That doesn't mean it's a good end. It's just THE END.

Similarly, you can't remove your left side. If you cut away half your body, it still has a left side. Larry has always had a left side. Courted by Maoists and Trotskyists. Mensheviks, Bolsheviks, Anarchists and Syndicalists. Larry chose Waywardists.

Larry sez campfire smoke is good if there's someone with a guitar singing "My eyes are dim I cannot see, I have not brought my specs with me..." And there must be marshmallows. Larry would like to plant marshmallow seeds in the pungent loam of the story garden. Grow marshmallow trees beside the cigarette trees on the Big Rock Candy Mountain.

Larry is on a roll. He may roll another one soon. Just like the other one.

Trivia from the Stoned Age: remember Don't Bogart That Joint, My Friend, Pass it Over To Me? Anyone prepared to explain what that means? Whoever answers the riddle gets to roll the next one.

Anonymous said...

Not that I have any experience or direct knowledge but in the movies Bogart often clutched a cigarette. Bogart is hanging on to something without passing it on...

now to the reference of The Lone Gardener (gunman) a reference to a fictional organization (X-Files)and to a theory of JFK's demise.

as applied to gardens, I will have to investigate and report later on the situation..

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Casa Blanca with Humphry Bogard. Not sure who played the Woman. Would she ask for a joint? Did they do those then? It wasn't hippy time yet. It wasn't even Netty time yet. Stone age is right.

Oops I see BB also was thinking of Bogey. Maybe it has nothing to do with him? Bogey I mean. Not BB. Hey I answered the question. It didn't say to answer it correctly. So the riddle you can solve for me is who played the woman with Humphry in Casa Blanca? What is that famous quotation? something like: "I'm onto you kid!" Not the words but it has that rhythm. My mom would probably have said: "You're as clear as coffee grinds.

Me too think that sound does sound even if there is no one to hear it. It's seems an impossibility that there is no hearer whatsoever, anywhere. If there really were no hearers at all in existance would sound exist? Deaf people receive vibrations. would that prove sound, even if not heard?

Seldom a campfire without marsmallows. Guitar sometimes. More often harmonica. That OK too?

What if you took the right side away? Would the other side of the left side be the right side? If there were no right party like the conservatives, would the left party like the socialists get to be right?

Larry Keiler said...

1. Eva Gardner, no? At least, in that movie. "Here's lookin' at you, kid.

2. Bogart reference essentially correct. He always had a smoke stuck in his mouth, never seemed to take it out. Made him squint.

3. X-Files analogue: the Smoking Man.

4. Right you are, W.T. The socialists must thank their lucky stars for the fascists, else, who would they oppose? If there was no one on their right, they would be the right.

5. If you were always right, how would you know? There has to be some notion of wrong. The devil looks reasonable when compared to other devils.

6. Larry sez, Gotta go now, He's supposed to be working...

Larry Keiler said...

Hang on, one more thing...

Bogey's cigarette was, of course, not meant to be passed on. The point was, he always let it burn down to almost nothing. Joints were meant to be passed on, so "Don't bogart that joint, pass it on..."

Anonymous said...

I didn't know ciggies were called joints too. My dad too, often let a cigarette burn to the last, while he was doing something he needed both his hands for. His head would be somewhat tilted and one eye squeezed closed against the smoke. Squint you called it. And that cigarette just stuck to the lip. Just like Bogey's. Eva Gardner sounds right. I've never seen the film other than passages of it, and heard talk about it. Another one I have heard so much raving about and have never seen myself is "Gaslight."

Yeah, "Here's looking at you kid!" I 'member now. It would just not surface. Just had the rhythm and the word kid.

Wait a minute. Something clicks. Don't Bogart that joint doesn't mean that a cigarette was called a joint. The joint smokers just used it. OK I think I'm awake now.

You are right about right and wrong, Larry. Once the man who was my husband then, always yelled in the car at other drivers for being stupid and doing it wrong. Came a time I asked him, "Aren't you happy that there are stupid people?" He stared at me blank, "Why would I?" "How else would you know how smart you are?" He actually fell silent for a while.

Are we talking about the law of relativety? The stupider you are the smarter I am? Not the law of opposites. It's good, better, best. Bad, worse worst. I mean there are too many shades in there.
Well, I am going back to our smokey campfire and potting plants.

Anonymous said...

I have done many stupid things and have lots of stupid thoughts. On the rare occasion I find gems.

I walk through a lot of muck to get there. Blessed be stupidity for without it I may not have experienced some gems that I have stumbled across.

I have never come across anybody that didn't have areas where they shine brightly. Ten thousand thoughts in a day..surely one or two of them may touch upon some meaning of substance.

Even if that substance's only value is to pretend and play.

Children are brilliant when it comes to play. A baby's laughter delights the senses.

To be aware of the sun's warmth upon one's face may be the smartest thought of one's day.

Anonymous said...

Hey wild thing, don't you have a birthday coming up????

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good, 'cause i gotcha a present! Is it the 2nd?

Anonymous said...

Nope. It's May 4. In Holland in the evening, I think at six, there will be two minutes silence to remember the fallen soldiers of the war. There will be candles in windows. Flags half mast. We were freed on my birthday, May 4. May fifth the papers were officially signed. May fifth the flags will be raised.

Tomorrow is Mayday. Europe's labour day. People way back used to parade the streets with flaming torches, demonstrations toward better working conditions. My Mom and Dad used to speak of those days with pride.

You gotchme a present eh? Oh boy!!!

Silly cat crawled in the top drawer on the left side in my make do computer desk. I closed the drawer. The drawer is purring.

I helped do the lake side clean up, one week after Earth Day. There's always a pot luck after and a draw for prices. I won a kite for having the closest birthday to Earth day and I won a wind vane in the form of a double decker plane made out of beer cans, really cool, for having come from furthest away to the clean up.

Last year I won a price for the most unusual piece of garbage found. I had fished a heavy door of a safe out of the lake. This year that price went to a man who found a bikini.