Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Somehow starting this post my computer went weird and somehow only the title got published. Oh boy, I wonder if that has to do with the story I want to tell. This story is directed to M@. Most dovetalers have read it, although I know for sure not Matthew nor Larry.

Matthew, in conversation about the Walper you reaction to the elevator was, malfunctioning. Malfunctioning? How prozaic, how scientifically correct, how down to Earth practical. But Matthew are you sure you know everything? Listen to this story wrote about the event.

The Invasion of the Tan Neutrino.

tan neutrino are invisable,
ghost-like sub-atomic particles.
Each second trillions of them
are blown from the sun. They
pass through humans, barely
leaving traces...

( the above is scientific fact )

There had been a contest for writers. I attended the award ceremony. It was at the Walper Hotel in Kitchener.

There were speakers, readings from award winning works, giving out of prizes, shaking of hands, proud faces, festive mood...

All present were somehow involved with the Arts. Poets, fiction, non-fiction writers, reporters, dramatists, artists, those that get often stung by the creative bug. You know them by posture, by expression, by the way they dress. Outward signs of inner funkiness.

It was silent. The eyes of the audience riveted on the speaker, who divined why the Arts are so under-appreciated in Western society.

I sat somewhat back and off to the side, facing a wall. I studied that wall, listening. Suddenly, could it be, suddenly that wall I was staring at, opened. I saw the ghostly interior of an elevator. As mysteriously as it had opened, the wall closed again. I shivered. Tried to focus my attention on the speaker. But then the wall opened again. No visable presence in that cavity that resembled an open elevator.

Spontanious applaus. The speaker invited questions. The was just a wall again, patterns of rectangular panelling. What had happened? Had the Tan Neutrino invaded us?

I looked at my hand. Underneath the skin something moved. Tan Neutrino?

A man with a pony tail suddenly scratched his head. Tan Neutrino?

A woman, bare feet in sandals, irratibly veered away from where she stood. Tan Neutrino?

Seriously, a girl was formulating a question. She stopped in mid-sentence. A fractured moment. Tan Neutrino?

Adressing questions, the speaker spoke words in contradiction to what he had uttered before. Tan Neutrino?

Who knows?

My advise is, never trust an empty elevator. Do not believe you are safe from what you cannot see. This particular elevator being where you didn't know there was one, may well have landed the Tan Neutrino among us. How do we know if anyone of us, are still the same today?


Does this even allow you the slightest doubt, Matthew? You still believe that this was just an ordinary, malfunctioning elevator?

Wild thing


Anonymous said...

I struggled with over type. Last sentence second par. misses the word I, as in I wrote. In p. 11, counting single sentences, it should read,the wall was just a wall again.
Sorry. Maybe you would've figured it out, but it is jarring.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, just like the disappearing post - the original malfunction...

Just so you know, Netty, I removed that post, so it wasn't the tan neutrino that did it. I also extended our front page to include 4 postings from 2 to keep things up longer before they are relegated to the "afterlife" of the archive.

Part of my last novel includes a segment about a "fluttering dime"... that fictionalized event was based on something that really happened to me. Much the same as your elevator, I think, Netty... the impossible happening... how can a dime flutter?

It should fall like the dense solid it is... but instead it fluttered to the ground... as gently as a hummingbird's feather caught in the slight breeze.

Anonymous said...

Who knows, eh? Could be the Tan Neutrino... Hey, wouldn't that be a neat title for an anthology, "The Fluttering Dime" ? Or just a story or a poem.

I wondered if there was a way to erase that one mysterious, outside my will appeared title. How do you do that? Thanks for doing it. It looked so out of place.

Larry Keiler said...

w.t., when you log in you end up on a page called the Dashboard, right? You click on the cross that says New Post to do your post...On that posting page, if you look right above the box that says Title, you see a row that says Create...Edit Posts...Moderate Comments...Title...

If you click on Edit Posts, all the recent posts come up with date, etc. and choices to View, Edit, or Delete. Then, if you've made a mistake, you can edit the post, or delete the whole thing if you want.

Larry Keiler said...

Fluttering dime...nothing quite so solid as it seems...dissolving into emptiness...

Who was it said 98% of matter is space? Larry theorizes that we only think stuff is solid because those little particles move so fast. Like the blades of a fan. Standing still, you can see the spaces in between, stick your fingers in, wave em around. But turn on the fan, what was once empty space is now solid enough to slice those lil fingies right off.

As for Tan Neutrinos...of course they're Tan if they've been out in the sun...

Anonymous said...

My brain hurts...but don't worry...I am not blaming you guys and gals for making it hurt...I am sure that if I fill my spaces with a soothing black liquid I will be okay.

Everything is extraordinary…so extraordinary that if I didn’t have the proper filters in my brain something yucky would happen…the filters in my brain make everything appear ordinary and routine…otherwise my brain would explode.

One of the biggest myths in our culture is that we only use 10% of our brain. Simply it’s not true. Anyone trying to quantify brain usage should consider the exercise of counting the numbers of stars in the sky through a microscope (not a telescope). That exercise makes as much sense as brain quantifying.

In a previous post, the absence of the World’s Worst Buddhist was noted. He is alive and well and living in a cave in Minnesota. He is from the crazy wisdom side of the spectrum. He has the crazy side down pat but wisdom is as allusive as counting farts in the wind. He will return with a vengeance in the spring.

As far as tan neutrino mixing angle of \theta_{atm} is determined to be \tan\theta_{atm}=Im(B)/Im(C) for B=M_{\nu_e\nu_\mu} and C=M_{\nu_e\nu_\tau}, where M_{ij} is the ij element of M^\dagger_\nu M_\nu with M_\nu as a complex symmetric neutrino mass matrix. People living in caves near Sudbury understand that type of stuff.

How about the Charmed Quark? I like that. Charm reminds me of magic. Now if you applied Charm Quark theories to the blog as interaction grows the more energetic the orbits.

Anonymous said...

Charm or charmed is a lable that describes the influence of interaction of basic particles. Particles that interact have more more energy when charmed.

Anonymous said...

We are matter. If we are 75 or so percent water and 98 percent space, we must be at least 200 percent something?

I know we are not really solid. We count down to atoms. Atoms do not meet. There is space between them.

But those spaces are within our form and messurement. So they help count up to the whole of us.

What kind of mathematics can account for that? How many blackboards in the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo are needed to figure that one out?

Thanks Larry for editing/erasing guidance. Gonne try that.

BB how long do you think I have to spend in a cave in Sudbury to make sense of the mixing angle of the Tan Neutrino? Hope the Tan Neutrino can reach there, so at least I get a tan and don't reduce from Wild- to Pale, Withered Away Thing.

Anonymous said...

I mean when we are 200% and 75 is water and 98 is space, then at least there is 27% left to be something else. Brains? Ha,ha!

Larry Keiler said...

27%--that's approximately the amount of oxygen in our atmosphere...or is it nitrogen? bb must know...Wikipedia probably knows...OK, Larry knows it's more like 21%, but he's no specialist, he's always been a generalist...a generalistimo...so anyway, if that's the approximate amount, Larry sez the rest of us is air...in Larry's case hot.

Larry also sez, the beauty of brains (or mind) is that it takes no space at all and can go anywhere. Even when the brain stops, the mind keeps going. Not like a computer. Imagine, w.t., having to carry your mind around in a beige-coloured metal box!

Anonymous said...

Wild Thing thinks she'd go out of her mind. She can more imagine carry brain in medicine pouch. Not so heavy.

Wild Thing remembers being told she has a little hole in head and sawdust trickles out. Think 27% of Wild thing could be sawdust? Larry better not come close. Hot air may ignite it. Make Big Bang.

Anonymous said...

Lololol - WT and Larry - you know who else spoke of themselves in the third person - Richard Nixon and George Dole.

(Was his name actually George, Xena wonders.... or has she got it wrong? Well, the guy who ran for President anyway...).

Does using third person point to a personality disassociation? Are you guys NUTS???? (I hope so, 'cause Xena/X, DoveTaler, DT, Kermit certainly is/are) although Marianne is quite sane. Okay, okay, let's not go there...

Anonymous said...

Do you talk to yourself, Larry? I've ben told that when one does talk to oneself, it is the beginning of insanity. I've talked to myself since way back when I can remember. Oh sjee, it started in the days that I was still only Netty. I mean, it is not special to the wildness of Wild Thing. Someone wondered if you and I are nuts, like Kermit and X, and Dovetaler. Nuts and insane are synonimical, right? Like Marianne and he who wants to remain unknown (or so), and Netty are supposed to be sane. Like does bloggermania puts one in a different category? Are dovetalers and mental bloggers and the likes disassociated from their true personality? Do we really, when it comes down to it talk to ourselves in first person even, when we bloggerspeak to others? Wild Thing is fuzzy on these matters... maybe it needs BB to straiten us out?

Anonymous said...

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