Monday, October 09, 2006

Exiting Iraq

The American public were governed by deception. Despite that deception, they want a peaceful resolution to Iraq that will limit the risk to American troops and reduce causalities among the Iraqis. Defining, discussing, debating an exit is neither cowardly nor “cut and run”. It is facing up to a reality that the current strategy is a disaster.

The main debate isn’t whether America should exit Iraq rather it is how and when to exit.

The strategy of “how and when” must consider the safety of American troops and the people of Iraq.

How and when involves: (Not in order of importance.)

1. Diplomacy and dialogue with Iraq’s neighbours.
2. Diplomacy and dialogue with the UN.
3. Opening up a dialogue with Insurgents.
4. Actually listening to the military command and the troops in Iraq.
5. All in consultation with Iraqis leadership and its people.
6. And the recognition by the American public that it is going to be harder getting out of Iraq than it was going in.


M@ said...

We should be making the same calculations about Afghanistan. While the mission remains combat-focused, we will never achieve the aims that the Canadian people want to achieve.

Speaking as a former military man, with one comrade killed in Afghanistan in April and another fighting over there right now, I say: get the troops out of there, and stay out until there's a valid UN mission.

Larry Keiler said...

Larry sez:
He is severely conflicted about Afghanistan. (Influenced by commercial talk radio...) (which repeats incessantly that it is a "legitimate" NATO mission) (and there is some justification for US was attacked, and as a partner in NATO, when one is attacked, all are bound to respond...) Nevertheless, Larry thinks that US was utterly stupid to enter into what was in effect a continuation of the civil war and USSR invasion twenty years ago. Coalition forces now find themselves in precisely the same quandary and quagmire as the Soviets did. Doomed to repeat...

Iraq was also a seriously ego-driven mistake. Larry thinks Bush Sr. may actually have been the smarter one, getting out while the getting was good. Larry heard a talking head on Mothercorp talking about what might could should occur in Iraq. He said, the south is effectively a Shiite theocracy. The north is effectively a Kurdish republic. All that remains is to convince the Sunnis they should establish their own political entity (which unfortunately would not share in the oil revenues of the south) and basically partition Iraq into 3.

Larry remains eternally amazed at how the US persistently bungles its foreign policy.

Anonymous said...

The greatest threat to Canadian safety and security is the current US administration.

The current administration sought simple solutions to complex situations. Diplomacy is hard frustrating work.

US Admin worked out its policy based on the appeal of right wing and Born Again Christian talk shows.

The US admin is fighting a “War against Terrorism.” Canadians would be more effective in attempt to “Establish a Peace”. For every ten soldiers there should be one diplomat in Afghanistan. Our current Canadian Prime Minister is putting troops at risk by sucking up to the failed US failed administration.

Redefining the mission in Afghanistan will reduce causalities. Diplomacy reduces causalities.