Thursday, October 20, 2005

Freefalling in Fall

I am about to Freefall!

Barbara Turner-Vesselago was one of the speakers at CanWrite in June. I had the pleasure of hearing her session and was impressed. She talked very little; mostly she read examples of what students in her Freefall writing courses have written. Some of the writing was memorable, all of it was compelling and all of it rang true. Freefall Writing is a little like the Wild Mind writing of Natalie Goldberg but different too. Freefall writing can be broken down into four basic decisions:

1) I will write down what comes up for me
2) I won't change anything
3) I will give all the sensuous detail
4) I will go where the energy is, i.e. go "fearward"

Barbara teaches Freefall Writing workshops around the world. She also offers on-line sessions. In one format, a general subject is suggested (like 'write about a scene from childhood with a specific smell attached to it') and the writer Freefall writes about it once a month. This material is not submitted to or reviewed by Barbara. In another format, called a Correspondence Course, a general subject is suggested once a week for eight weeks and the writer submits up to 16 pages to Barbara for editing and comments.

Holding my breath regarding the time and monetary commitment, I have just signed up for Barbara's correspondence course which starts next week. I will be freefalling for the rest of the fall, until mid-December.

You may hear some Freefall writing of mine in future, we'll see. Wish me luck!



Anonymous said...

Oh number 4...

I will go where the energy is, i.e. go "fearward"

Yeah, managing fearward when we have time and energy.

I’d like writing for me to be a long slow paddle up the Amazon rather than a roller coaster ride. There is energy in the unknown. That is my interpretation of number 4. I know nothing about Freefalling or Barb but Natalie I know.

I figure they blaze some trails in writing and inspire us to do further exploration of our own abilities. All and anything that can get me off my ass and moves me forward is a blessing.

Marianne said...

In a past blog I wrote a bit about a mutual friend of Bob and mine named Brian who died in a drowning accident. Brian keeps reappearing in Bob's writing. I believe I mentioned that Brian jumped out of airplanes - did air acrobatics.

Once Brian described freefalling to me - freefalling through space before you open your parachute. The way he described it and the excitement in his eyes and body - freefalling is exhilarating. It is a letting loose, a letting go, yes, but there is also an element of control to it. You can control your direction & your experience through subtle body movement - it isn't a senseless plummet.

Hey, Leslie, may you find your version of freefalling to be equally exhilarating...