Monday, April 21, 2008

THOSE IN-BETWEEN-ITEMS NEVER SEEM TO MAKE IT OUT OF THE CLOSET. I like spring. I like that slow transition from cold to pleasantly warm. You still may need a sweater or jacket. Your body fills with new energy. And no insects yet. You feel light, unencumbered...

We don't do that this year, do we? From winter boots to flip flops. From winter coat to T-shirts. Oh, I like. I like it better than snow. But I look at clothing items in my closet. Some I would like to wear. But already too warm for them. Maybe next year? Mmmm, maybe not. I have lots of things to wear for in-between. They really never seem to make it out of the closet. Of course they don't wear out either. Maybe that's a bonus.

Was in the thrift shop in New Hamburg, Saturday. Wow, they have such good stuff, such good prices, and such a neat, friendly atmosphere. One could hang out there for hours. I think we did. Bought books of poetry, of old stories, looked at, and bought some of those great looking plants, donated by the community, planted by the thrift shop personal, lovingly, in recycled pots, artistically. Plants always fresh and cared for, to tantalize your green addiction.

And bought clothes. A change in summery things. I wear them today, proudly. Loose, light cotton pants. A great top that reminds you of a beautiful blue sky. Funny I do have quite a selection of shorts. But somehow I do not want them yet. From jeans to shorts doesn't work for me. I need transition. Don't feel like exposing white legs yet.

You may wonder what happened to all those in-between-fashion-items I was talking about that don't wear out. Well, somehow, especially pants, I always have a hard time finding anymore. I want simple. I want light. I want not to feel aware of what I am wearing. And that is hard to come by, unless, I guess you want to pay out-of-this-world prices. I don't. And the old cottonees have become beyond repairing.

This word program is so unpoetic. Doesn't recognize the word 'cottonees', doesn't like the word unpoetic... sigh! Hard to be original in the electronic world of conformity. But a great opportunity to be rebellious.

Well, time to get going. Have breakfast. Listen to bird songs coming in through wide open windows. Let the dog take me for a walk. Maybe have a sprint on my bike. It's waiting for me, aroused from hibernation.

Happy summer, all you blogger writers out there. Don't forget to smell the daffodils.

Wild Thing

Oh, I forgot, have a series of musquito bites on arms and legs. They are out allready!


Anonymous said...

And would you believe it? Got home from riding my bike with an ouwie sunburn on my arms. Sun screened my face. Never thought of doing my arms too. Not used to summer yet. But other than that, I LOVE IT!!! I'm glad I'm not out West. But I guess we are not safe yet?

Anonymous said...

I think you got your wish, Wild Thing. There's that saying - be careful what you wish for - *smile*.

I am sitting at the studio - up on the second floor - and HAIL is striking the big windows. It is cold enough for sure today for those in-between clothes. In fact, I bought an "early" spring coat during those hot days, and thought I wouldn't be able to wear it (it was half price, and I did need a coat), and heavens, I've worn it almost every day this week!

I've done a lot of gardening though - mulched - and lots of tulips and daffodils this year...

Anonymous said...

My Goodness, I missed this commend On Mayday, for that. And after too. Don't think I've seen hail on this side of the city.

I was just thinking this morning about this post I wrote, complaining about in between clothes, I may not need. Well, The summer temperatures made way for spring again. Lots of sun, (and rain) blue skies, and grey) no musquitos, (they're lying in wait)
cool evenings, cool mornings, pleasantly warm days. Ah, aint it perfectio???

I shopped in Monarch for leek and chives. Still enjoying tomato sandwiches. Simon likes those shopping trips.

Life is good.

Wild thing, feeling wilder than ever