Monday, January 01, 2007


We’ve known January thaws. Today, January 1, 2007, that would be a false indication. There was nothing to thaw.

When I woke up, this morning, 6 am., I heard a chorus of birds chattering like you hear in early spring. It was not accompanied by any other sound. No traffic whatsoever.

Early New Year’s Day, most people are still sleeping, dealing with hangovers, or just plainly zonked after the crazy, busy times.

There are those who may not want to wake up for a long time yet. Not a pleasant prospect to, still feeling bloated , start thinking about overdrawn credit cards & recklessly made New Year’s resolutions. Ouch, what a headache!

Having welcomed in the New Year with candle light, a glass of pear nectar, and a wedge of apple pie, quietly, just Simon and me, I was wide awake at six. I enjoyed listening to the still. Got up, bathed, had breakfast and set out with Simon for a long walk. Just following the creek and unto other trails. So quiet everywhere.

At first we met no one. Lots of sparrows and other little birds were flitting about and talking up a storm. A cardinal broke out in song. A blue jay screeched, flew up and settled on a branch of a tree, looking around, as if aware of proud crest and sky blue beauty.

About an hour into the walk, we started to meet the odd other dog with their reluctant owners. Simon befriended a beautiful husky he got to run around with, oh joy! The husky’s person was a woman from Poland.

The husky was her first dog ever. She was happy with her dog. She was however worried about a bold spot on his elbow. She thought she would have to take him to the vet, dreading the bill. Luckily I know how active dogs, when they run a lot, hit their elbows with their hind toes, and so create a rough, bold spot. When I explained that to her, she was so relieved. We had a nice chat until our ways parted.

I half expected snowbells to come up. But without snow they wouldn’t be snowbells. I peeked in the flowerbeds and did see, the green beginnings of irises.

It’s January. It feels like spring. Are we going to be in for a white Easter?

Simon’s feet and belly were black with mud. Not very golden. I cleaned him up. He sleeps now. On my bed.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone,
Wild Thing


yuan8888 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Larry sez, do not click on that link. All it does is encourage the idjits.

Anonymous said...

Larry sez, Wild Thing you are truly the Natural Woman.

Larry heard Dave Phillips, Canada's Weather Weenie, talking about last year's weather anomaly in January (or was it Feb?)when it got so warm and he warned us that this was a "false" spring, that winter would doubtless return. So, too, this year, thinks Larry.

The Buddhist in him says Global Warming is an illusion. But so is Global Not-Warming. So is Global. And Not. And Warming. And their opposites.

That's all. Larry's mixed down now. He's all up so down.

Anonymous said...

You know what? I saw that first comment and felt invaded. What's that idjit doing in our blog? Guess it is open to anyone. No way was I going to click on that. Felt like screaming. "Get out of my face!!!"

Global warming likely IS an illusion, like everything else. Maybe the more we emphasize it, the more it materializes. In some weird way I believe that we bring about our own fate.

Poor mixed down Larry! Maybe you could try a down side up poem?

Anonymous said...

W.T., you know if you log in to Dove Tale Writers (as if you were going to make a posting) and then came to this comment page, you would see a little trash can beside the comment. You could delete it. Larry could do it too if he could remember off hand what the password is. DON'T TELL HIM! At least not in a comment.

Downside up pome, eh? Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

W.T. did it. Didn't know about the trash can. Didn't need a password.

Anonymous said...

figure I might have to get the lawnmower out

Anonymous said...

Bobby Bacon and I just got back from a road trip into the hills of Kentucky. Spent New Years at the State Resort of Cumberland Falls in the Daniel Boone Forest. (Now Larry, that's not the same kind of resort that you frequent as a wayward poet...). We did a hillbilly run on January 31 all the way into Tennessee when we discovered we were in a dry county - lol. Had to travel an hour to find a bottle of wine to be able to toast in 2007. Anyway, we're back. I'll need to catch up on all the reading! Happy New Year to y'all.

Okay, okay, the whole topic is probably spent out by now, so forgive me for bringing it up, but WT, do you go the password route to make a comment? You know you don't have to, right? You can just comment? By the same token, you don't have to go into the administrator site to get to the blog... you only need to go to the adminstrator site first if you are going to do a brand new posting. But I have a feeling you and Larry sorted all that out...

Take care, folks.

Anonymous said...

W.T., your comment about global warming made Larry think of a DVD that Suzy Homemaker made him watch the other night. Sort of a New Agey thing. The main thesis of it was The Secret: The Power of Attraction. ie. whatever occupies our minds, the universal power of attraction (the energy of the mind, the thought) brings it on. Attraction makes no distinction between good and bad, positive or negative. It has selective hearing in a way. If you think repeatedly: I don't want global warming, I don't want global warming, I don't want global warming, you're going to get global warming because that's the energy you're projecting.

We all need to visualize, and feel it strongly, so strongly that it's unshakeable and practically solid, that we live now on a well-balanced, healthy, temperate planet and that we all care for it as if it's our home...which it is...and after all, how many people crap in their living room, eh?

Larry's reading William James. He calls this the Mind-Cure phenomenon (religion). Whatever we set our minds to in absolute faith that it can be accomplished, it will be accomplished.

Larry thinks there's something to this. After all, it's only mind in the form of thought and ideas (followed by hard work) that's created all this, both the unbelievable fantastic wonders of the world and the unbelievable disgusting messes.

Anonymous said...

Xena, to post, I just did what I always did when it worked. And it still works on dovetale. And it still worked, the same, on mental blog until Larry changed the set up of mental blog. Now that may be just co-incidental. But after, when I did what I always did, everything went the same, except that it refused to publish the comment. That's when I started to experiment, and listen to suggestions. Fact is, nothing worked to publish, except using anonymous. And anonymous only works once, if after that I try out to do 'other' signing w.t.' again, and then it again won't publish. In order to make anonymous work again, I have to go to a new window. Ignore the page I am on and set up new. If I stick to anonymous, it keeps on working. Took me a while during the experimenting to hit on that. With yours and Larry's help I have been trying to understand it. I don't still. Well, at least I can get through. Maybe an explanation will follow somehow.

It sounds like you had a most wonderful time, and had a real good start of a new and likely exciting year, in spite of having to travel an hour for the wine. But hey, maybe that gave it an extra, special flavour?

My new cat is trying to help me type.

New cat???? Yes, we were in New Hamburg, Nigel, Brittany, Kieran, Simon and me, exploring the town. At one store I stayd out with Simon, who was a bit nervous to be left in unfamiliar surroudings. I looked at pictures and messages on the door of this garden/pet supply store and my eyes settled on: Kitten/cat needs new home. For some reason that worked on me like a magnet. The cat had been found roaming throught wild spaces. Lost. We phoned the number. No one home. Phoned next day. The woman allready had three cats and a dog, and hoped to find a good home for the foundling. I guess she did.

It's a black and dark grey tabby, about 7 or 8 months old by the looks of it. Not yet adult, not a little kitten, but still very much kitten. It has a lovely, sweet face, and a lovely, sweet personality. Likes travelling in the car. Felt at ease at Nigel's place, but Lucy acted very territorial. Little Grey was fine.

When we arrived at my place, the kitten was home at once. Inspected the litter boxes, inspected the feeding dishes. Walked around a bit and started purring. I looked in her face and the name Yona came to mind. Don't know why, but Yona he is.

Right now he is sittin on my lap, very quietly. Loves to be loved.

Xena, I thought of Icy. but know you really do not want to part with him. If still you need someone to look after him temporarily, we can see how it works out. Somehow it feels like Yona was meant to be my cat.

Larry I am glad you told me about the book you are reading. It always feels good to get some affirmation of what in every day life seem to be silly notions. I've had in myself for a long time the assurance that that is how the world really works, with mind power. And I come by it from small incidents of personal experiences. But it is, when you fez up to others that you think that way, that the curious glances you get, half pitying, that you wonder if maybe you really are a little crazy afterall. It sure doesn't work for people that stick to the religious notions as we know them. And even scares them. So I am carefull to who I talk about it, when I do. Even friends of mine who come over fairly open minded, start praying for my soul, I seem to have noticed.

Anonymous said...

Hey WT, go ahead and scare all those people! It's good for THEIR soul. LOLOLOLOL! Sometimes, people need to have their entrenched perspectives shaken up.

In terms of Icy, the weather is conspiring to keep him here. He hasn't had much of a rough time in the garage at all. He does not, however, have a friend in the house except the human variety.

OK, WT, tell me the steps you take to post a comment on the blog. Start right at the beginning. You've turned on your computer...

Anonymous said...

click shortcut to Porchlight.
click internet explorer.
Yahoo page comes up.
click w.w.w.
click dovetalewriters.
on dovetalewriters page click blog
d.t.w. blog with posts shows.
click mental blog.
Larry's page comes up.
read a post.
click on comments.
get comments page.
often but not always there is the warning box of secure and insecure material.
choice of clicking yes for wanting to know why, or no. Neithter make a difference.
click the box away.
write the comment.
click publish.
Nothing happens.
Box with warning may come up again.
Same results.
Click box away.
the only way to have the comment published is through anomynous, avoiding dovetalewriters and other.
Have tried to not click on comments, but on related blots, as Larry suggested. Makes no difference.

Larry thinks after having gone through all that, that maybe there is a safety something set up in my computer I cannot get past.

Anonymous said...

WT, what do you do between writing the comment in the box and clicking publish?

Anonymous said...

clicking anonymous.

clicking the two other options don't work. Not in mental blog. They work in this blog.

From anonymous I can click publish right away, and it will in spite of the warning.

Dove Tale Writers said...

But if from the same frame I click other and fill in my name, it won't work, and from then on anonymous doesn't work. Have to click everything away and start over to make anonymous work again, in spite of the warning.

Confused enough?

Anonymous said...

Guess I am. Forgot to click other now and came in at dovetale, above.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could step out of the illusion of this rain. Got to walk Simon yet and get him and me wet again. Sigh! Yona sits on my shoulders, purring his heart out.