Thursday, November 02, 2006


SAMHAINNorthern Hemisphere: October 31st Southern Hemisphere: April 30th Pronounced "SOW' win" (rhymes with "cow")
Meaning of the Sabbat:"....And to the living is revealed the Mystery: that every ending is but a New Beginning.....""This festival is often called the "Feast of the Dead", as it is the time of year when the veil between the material and spirit worlds is thinnest. The spirits of our ancestors and loved ones who have recently passed to "The Summerlands" are able to return to us for a short while and join in the revelry. In ancient times, cattle were slaughted and the meat butchered and salted for the Dark Times ahead."At Samhain the Stag Lord rides with the Wild Hunt from the hollow hills and the Lady goes to the Dark Realms for the long sleep of Winter. On this night, the Old Year ends and a New Year begins for Pagans".

SAMHAIN RITUALNOTE: Each covener brings into the Circle a piece of paper upon which they have written negative qualities about themselves that they would like to be rid of. (Like smoking, procrastination, being judgemental etc.) Cauldron to burn papers. Candle or fire.2 Black altar candlesMusic for "Dance Macabre"Candy corn in a plastic pumpkin for talking stickSmudge stick and featherRITUALHP & HPS smudge the Coveners before they enter the Circle.HPS Casts the Circle.HP & HPS light Quarters Candles.CHARGE ELEMENTS.CLEANS CIRCLECall the Quarters.HP Invokes Hades, the Lord of the Underworld (NOTE: This is NOT "Satan"!) HPS invokes Hecate, Crone Goddess of the Dark Moon, ruler of the Underworld, Crossroads & magick.HPS: "We are between the Worlds, beyond the bounds of time, where day and night, birth & death, joy and sorrow meet as one.(HP reads the Statement of Intent:)This festival is often called the Feast of the Dead, as it is the time of the year when the veil between the Material and Spirit worlds is the thinnest. The spirits of our ancestors and loved ones who have recently passed to the Summerlands are able to return to us for a short time and join the revelry."In ancient times, cattle were slaughtered, and the meat butchered and salted for the Dark Times ahead."At Samhain, the Stag Lord rides the Wild Hunt from the hollow hills, and the Lady goes into the Dark Realms for the long sleep of Winter. On this night, the Old Year ends and a New Year begins."We are at the crack of time, for this day belongs to neither the Old Year nor to the New. And, as there are no distinctions between the years, so there is no distinction between the worlds. Those we have known and loved in ages past are free to return to us here in this meeting place. "And, to the living is revealed the Mystery: that every Ending is but a New Beginning."We meet in this time out of time, everywhere and nowhere, to greet the Lord of Death, who is the Lord of Life, and the Triple Goddess, who is the Circle of Rebirth.(HPS picks up the pumpkin with the candy in it, and remembers someone or animal friend (either known to you or someone from history that you admire). She takes a pice of candy and says, "I taste the Sweetness of your Memory", and passes the pumpkin (Talking Stick) to the next Covener to her left. Continue around the Circle until all have had a turn).(The "Danse Macabre" or "The Dance of the Dead" is done Widdershins (counter-clockwise). Start walking very slowly, and increase the speed until you are skipping and twirling. Invite the spirits to join you. If you do this outdoors, you can attact ectoplasm if you raise enough energy. Look for it swirling through the sky or landing in the trees. Dance until you are tired, then stop.Someone lights the Cauldron that stands in the North. Start with the HP. Each Covener in turn walks Widdershins, and puts their "negativity paper" into the fire to release it from you.SYMBOLIC GREAT RITE.(CAKES & ALE). (During this time, tell stories and customs of Hallowe'en).
~ End of Rite. ~


Anonymous said...

Wild Thing was trick or treating in New Dundee. Small town athmosphere. Very pleasant and relaxing. At one home people handed out home made fudge, also to adults. Mmmmmmmmm!!!!

Wild Thing was told about the source of Hallowe'en. For the first time she found some sense to the rituals. The children of one family, dressed up in cardboard trucks they helped make themselves, honoured the animal spirit world. One truck mentioned the lion, one the bear.

Wild thing, rather than retelling it herself, found the webside telling same story and copied it for dovetaler's information in case they didn't already know.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know...Thank you. It was nice to come back to three blogs by WT and Mr. Larry...

bobby bacon has been on a world wide tour of late. That has taken him the the far reaches of the Falls to the other extreme of Hog town...

Ya know writing down things on paper seem and burning them seems like a very healthy and positive thing to do. Its sounds like a good treatment for mental health and makes much more sense then the older treatments they used to do , like electric shock, frigid baths and being strapped to your bed.

Anonymous said...

My God, WT - that posting was SCARY! You sure you didn't set some evil Halloween spell into being with that????

Anyway, did you partake in such riturals in New Dundee? Oh well, as long as you kept your clothes on. And didn't go galloping off with the Stag Lord into the forest... well, on second thought, if you did, hope you had fun!LOLOLOLOL!

Anonymous said...

Naw, sorry to disappoint you.Did not take off naked into the forest with the stag lord.

Was dressed up like a squaw, with feather headdress, burlap top with Indian embroidery, and a wrap around Indian blanket for skirt. Happens that Nigel's dad had made the headdress and top. I didn't know that. Nigel had brought it back from England. Me coming trick and treating was a sudden invite. Not much time to think. When I thought squaw would go good with braids, I remembered those articles and fished them out of the teepee, from among the kids dress up stuff.On the way to New Dundee, in the car, Nigel told us proudly that his dad had made those to dress up for a hallowe'en party, long ago. (his dad doesn't live anymore.)That made it special for me to wear the outfit. And Nigel was glad I did.

What seemed significant for me in that Samhain story was the line, "Each ending is but a new beginning."

I like the idea of the veil being thinnest between the material and spirit world. And as I read elsewhere, between human and animal world. Cindy emphasized the closeness to animal world with her kids. They each represented an animal.

I'm not exactly enamoured with the slaughter of animals rite. But hey that's what they did in ancient times.

Anyhow that thinnest veil bit made me understand the rites and customs of Hallowe'en. Before I had no clue where it all came from.

So no, I wasn't Widdershinning Wild Thing going for wild hunts, heading for the dark realms' long sleep of winter...although that is what I may mean when I say, "I am going to set my alarm for the first of May, and sleep through the dark season."

I am glad I was born in the spring of new beginnings, May 4.

Well, The Feast of the Dead is past tense. Winter Soltice getting closer. Light will return again.