Sunday, May 14, 2006


Well, the novel is printed and in my hot little hands. And I'm proud to say that I found my first typo, on page 47, the first time I opened the book. Hooray! Now that I've found it, I can be sure that there are no other typos in the book, anywhere.

But the Kitchener launch is set for June 4 at the Walper Hotel. Everyone is invited of course. Punch will be served.

Has everyone heard about the CAA Mini-conference on June 3? I don't know whether I told everyone about it or not, but basically we're taking four of the most successful elements from last year's conference and putting them together in one extravaganza of a day. These elements are:
  • A panel of editors talking about what they're looking for from writers
  • One-on-one interviews with editors
  • A workshop with Kelley Armstrong
  • Meals and coffee breaks provided
So if anyone's interested, get on over to the branch page and sign up. We figure we're charging about $10 more than Brian Henry does, we're giving people way more of everything, and food is included. What more could a person want?

Anyhow, I'll post details about the launch party when they're available. Till then, I'll be running madly around the room wondering how the heck I'm going to get everything I need to do, done.


Anonymous said...

Hey, only one typo - that's great! In my novel, I realised with horror upon finally having the courage to read the published book, that a character's last name had changed over the course of the story... lol (NOW I can laugh about it...)

There's a mixture of joy and trepidation at the publishing of a book. May the joy outweigh the trepidiation for you, Matt.

So, are you still in Paris? That's a long way to go to hide away...

M@ said...

Wow... okay, that makes me feel better. Well I will try to see past the bad and get with the good. The upcoming launches will help I'm sure, as well as the readings and so on that I've booked...

Anonymous said...

Are you satisfied with the look of the book?

Also, let us know the dates/places of those readings -

Anonymous said...

Yes Matt, please let us know the time of your launch on June 4th and any other readings you are doing,

Congratulations and don't worry about a typo, I find them all the time in books. Marianne, that last name thing is hilarious. Now, anyway.

I was recently reading a volunteer position description given to me in highly controversial meeting and while looking at it, I realised that someone had typed "if you cannot come in for your shit, refer to your Hostess Committee list." I think they meant "shift". I didn't point it out. LOL!

On another silly topic, a publisher out west is publishing a story of mine this summer in an anthology. I sent in a bio as requested. I realise now that I said in the bio that I live in Kitchener. Which I do not. So there you go, we can't always get things right! Some of us don't even know what city we live in.


Anonymous said...

So, the shit hit the fan, huh, Lulu? That is soooooo funny.

In terms of saying you live in Kitchener (where you don't), maybe unconsciously you wanted to stay incognito. Lol.

Yeah, in my book a character started off (or ended up - can't remember which one now) with a surname of Stonefield vs. Springfield, or something like that... funny thing is, that book was used on a Grade 12 English course, and I don't think anyone noticed the name change... lololol.... the eye/mind just accepted it.

Congrats to you, Lulu, on the upcoming publishing credit.

Larry Keiler said...

every time Larry presses the shit key on his keyboard, something comes out...

Anonymous said...

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